Concrete Shifts

concrete shifts to plain the view

proving these surroundings are

and can legitimately
be spoken

i tell you
my body goes through phases

sometimes full of it
sometimes empty

that the terrain can also speak
when our movement

from one place to another
bodies heavy like rocks

displaced and entwined in
a ground that holds

i tell you
sometimes i forget how to feel

sometimes i forget
what skin touches

how lips work
this landscape is maddening

an unending speculation

that makes this ground



you tell me i have feelings all the time
otherwise i’d be a sociopath

i tell you
i’m a sociopath

we trace the city with our wheels
sometimes feet
and point out the materiality of history

how wealth accumulates
and spills into neighbourhoods
thick and viscous-like
sticky, in an unpleasant way

we point to
what value is inscribed

how the ownership of property
perpetuates the ownership of property

how all our relations are mediated
through the ownership of property

i tell you
i’m tired

of anger being
my primary affect

you respond
my whole life

i tell you
desire is a possibility
a rupture

the new condos all look the same
sterile white walls
unused bicycle racks
windows that go on for days
that somehow make us wretch

you tell me i have a versatile heart

i tell you
it’s because i’m an addict

i ask you
is love even possible under capitalism?

you say
if desire is a possibility

in this city subjectivity
is an opening
for geographic processes

and the vessels in which
we make concealment happen

i tell you
i’m the destroyer of couple-forms

when love shifts
possibility fades
moments stagnate

i tell you
when to stop

you ask
where will i go to mourn?